CRISIS: Editorial Mission

Since the 2015 rise in migrant arrivals to Europe, the contested term “migration crisis” has dominated political discourse on migration across European countries. In becoming mainstream, the “migrant crisis” frame has reinforced right-wing narratives about migration and borders, bolstering xenophobic sentiment in many national contexts across Europe.

But what is the alternative narrative about migration? Which compelling frames do progressive, left-wing perspectives have to offer at this junction?

Crisis Magazine critically examines the causes and wider implications of migration to Europe by giving voice to informed analytical perspectives. These not only cover European politics and migrants’ lives in Europe, but also connect to the contexts from which they have migrated. We seek to spark debate and inform thinking among left-oriented progressives who are invested in the connection between ideas and grass-roots action.

We are inspired by the etymology of the term, crisis – from the ancient Greek, krisis: a turning point that calls for decisive judgment. We see this moment as calling for a deep re-examination and decisive expression of what solidarity, internationalism, and human dignity mean to us, today.

Crisis will invite relevant scholars, thinkers, organizers, activists, and artists to write contributions, and we welcome submissions that fit with the focus of the magazine and its thematic Issues. Consolidated efforts will be made to include contributions by thinkers from global peripheries, women, and minorities.