Nisrine Chaer and Zuleikha Mirzazadeh
In Europe, queer migrants from the Global South face homophobia, racism, and Islamophobia. At the same time, many of them are also long-distance participants in struggles against Islamophobia and homophobia “back home.” How do migrant activists envision a queer left politics in Europe that is both internationalist and unites them with others?

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Sandro Mezzadra

Professor of Political Philosophy (University of Bologna) 

Donya Alinejad and Maral Jefroudi
More than utopian naiveté, the idea of open borders is a guiding political vision. But its meaning doesn’t always translate easily into the here-and-now. This issue of Crisis Magazine gathers together a range of progressieve perspectives on EU border politics with the aim of shifting the discussion beyond simplistic interpretations of a right-closed/left-open binary.

Mariana Gkliati
The burning of Moria camp seemed like an exceptional tragedy. But this event and the EU response to it reflect a decades-long policy approach. As long as securitization remains the guiding principle of the EU migration policy, the calls of Moria will remain unanswered.

Shahram Khosravi
What is strange about the stranger? Do we really see her face or do we only see our own imagination? By using the metaphor of prosopagnosia (face-blindness), this essay interrogates the racialised gaze through a creative focus on seeing and unseeing.

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Bridget Anderson

Professor of Migration, Mobilities, and Citizenship (Bristol University)